Tuesday, November 21, 2017


While losing weight year round requires focus and discipline it is almost impossible to see the pounds go away during the holidays. In fact, in the span of 6 or so weeks the average weight gain is about 11 pounds. Ask any one who is trying to make a fitness/health LIFESTYLE change and most likely they will, however, during the holidays the stress of not only losing weight but not gaining weight is almost impossible. While I personally have kept off 140 pounds for over 30 years, even I feel and see the temptation every day. Here are five tips that have not only helped me but have helped my clients to get through the holidays without gaining weight.

1.       MOVE, MOVE AND MOVE I cannot say it enough times that exercising should be a part of anyone’s daily routine and that during the holidays that should not change... Exercise will not only help to burn calories but more importantly it will help with sleep and stress. Stress is usually at an all time high during the holidays, especially for women, a workout 3 times a week will not only make you look good but you will feel so much better.

2.       Drinking- during the holidays usually goes along with overeating and that will a recipe for catastrophe come the New Year. Alcohol has empty calories and will pack on the pounds. Drinking things like eggnog and fancy mixed drinks are not great choices so stick with a glass of wine and the white liquors with either club diet soda or if you must a diet soda. Pick special parties or occasions and stick to the plan. 

3.       Overeating during the holidays is almost a ritual with some people. To avoid a total disaster, make sure that you are eating a good first meal of the day that is packed with vitamins and nutrients. Do not go all day without eating as you will surely give yourself permission to eat everything in sight. Try to have fruits, yogurts, eggs, turkey bacon, and whole grain cereal. You will feel better and not set yourself up for binge eating.  

4.       Binge eating is at an all time high during the holidays. Make it a point to pace you out and eat meals that have fruits and veggies in them. Have a salad that is packed with healthy foods. This will prevent that starving and binge way of life that some have during the holidays.

5.       Get back on track, if you have good intentions and still start to overeat and binge, take a deep breathe and know that tomorrow you will get back on track. Do not keep saying that I will start again in January, do it right now. If you tell yourself you can you will? You can do this, you are more powerful that any cookie, candy or cake any day of the week. I hope you have a great holiday and remember you can do this.

Debra Mazda, M. Ed,. CPT is a trainer, speaker, author, fitness instructor and creator of ShapelyGirl Fitness DVD’s., workouts that are motivating and inspirational.  Debra’s mission is to get women off the couch and moving because “fitness comes in many sizes”. Debra’s new book “EATING MY SHAME” will be published Spring 2018. Mazda’s fitness DVD’s and newsletter are available at www.debramazda.com

Monday, November 13, 2017

Mindful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and this season can be a very stressful time of the year when it comes to staying on a fitness routine and eating healthy.  Food is usually in abundance and parties are frequent.
While Thanksgiving is considered the beginning of the holidays, it does not have to be the beginning of month long food fest of overeating and binging putting on the 5-7 pounds that most experts say the average weight gain is for the holidays.. this is so unhealthy physically, mentally and emotionally, not only will the emotions get the best of you but that weight that you gain will be so hard to take off, trust me I have been there in my younger years.

Listen to me, there is a better way as I truly believe that anyone can get through the holidays without eating till you can't  breathe or better yet can't zipper your jeans. Yes, you can get through that fat laden, calorie enhanced and sugar ridden meal that can pack in as much as 4,000 calories. Begin by pacing yourself and pick and choose what and when you will eat and think MINDFULLY about those choices you need to make.  Here are a couple of ideas and tips to help you make it without eating the kitchen sink. First, make sure you are exercising.

Most times exercise will keep you motivated and on track, if not your fitness routine takes a back seat that sets up a roller coaster ride for a train wreck and opens the door to poor eating choices, Staying on track translates into we are doing something great for ourselves and that will keep us motivated. If not, most good eating habits begin to go south, when one sinks they both go down. Without exercise and eating sensibly, those pounds while start to pack on and you can experience lack of energy, not enough sleep, feely bloated and worse feeling miserable. I have said this over and over, if you can get through Thanksgiving Day half of the battle is won. That one day of either eating sensibly or not so sensibly will set you up for the next 4 weeks that will lead us into the New Year. Do yourself a big favor; eat one good meal on Thanksgiving Day like a good breakfast so you are not famished at the dinner table. Enjoy the day, family, friends and celebrate you. You can make it, I know you can.