Thursday, May 25, 2017

Motivation to make changes, what will it take?

Each one of us is so different when it comes to thinking about ourselves and our health. Some of us are just motivated and for some it takes a little help to get you going.  I have compiled a list of  topics that just might make you stop and get that light bulb ah ha moment.
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Setting goal and having my partner as incentive

A different brain

A workout partner

More determination

If I didn’t have stretch marks

Workout partner

Someone who takes personal interest in me

Something to address hunger

Positive people

Learning to handle emotion

Weight loss more motivating than health

How to overcome pain

Doing a more fun workout

Learning how to not be so lazy

Getting junk food out of my house

Personal chef

Support, support, support

More friends & encouragement

Group class that would motivate me to be accountable for my food choices and regular exercise

Learning about food varieties
I want to get YOU moving and off of the couch for better health. I want to get YOU eating better no matter what.  SO, WHAT WILL IT TAKE. Let me know or better yet if you have a better idea let me know about it..


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